"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." - Aldo Leopold

The Training Room

Where would a hunter be without his or her gadgets and gear? Or without unsolicited advice from other hunters? Yes, we love our equipment and spreading knowledge with one another. This section has the expert-like tips from yours truly. Here you'll also find Internet resources and books on the subject matter.

And trail camera pictures. Who doesn't enjoy browsing through them?

Trail Camera Pictures

Trail Camera on a Bad Stand
July Trail Camera Photos
March Trail Camera Photos
February Trail Camera Pictures
December Trail Camera Photos
October Trail Camera Pic with a Side Topic on Corn
Trail Camera Photos

Tips and Tools

Some Things about Muzzleloaders
A Few Things About Treestands
What Happened to Handloading?
Treestand Time Waster APPS
Hunting for Hunting Answers III - Accessing Private Property
Covert Scouting Cameras
What to do with a Blackpowder Shotgun
Father's Day Gifts for the Hunting Dad
Using Pop-Up Blinds
Colonel Roosevelt Book Review
2011 Tag Season - Florida's Limited Entry Hunts
Recoil and Flinching
Archery Spring Training
Duck Hunter EXTREME RC Game
Love for Lever Actions
Outdoor Blogger Network
Weather Resources for Outdoors People
The Boneheaded Bowhunter
Summer Archery Practice Tips
Fun with Blackpowder
Gear for the Tuesday Morning Jake
Using Bump Feeders
YouTube Video of the Week - Help Shooting Clays
Your Lease Options
Minding the Mercury