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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Minding the Mercury

There is a 5% chance of snow in Central Florida this weekend. I will be bowhunting Upper Hillsborough WMA if the skies do open up. Easily, this will be the coldest archery trip I’ve been associated with.

For those of you who’ve never graced Upper Hills, it’s not exactly conducive to slipping through the woods or other techniques that’ll get the blood cranking. With a bow, this is going to be an all-day, freeze-my-butt-off vigil hoping ol’ big buck pops his head out early.

Though a Floridian, I do have some tricks to help keep warm while on the stand. Nothing is going to totally fight off this Arctic assault, but these things should help.

1. Dress in Layers – I wear a moisture wicking undershirt topped with a fleece pullover of some sort. Top this with a bomber jacket to cut any wind. For pants, I wear Under Armor Micro-Fiber for my under-roos. Then my thermals covered with a pair of Mossy Oak Wrangler Jeans. Socks, a pair of polypropylene liners topped with wool stockings stuffed in my Rocky Mountain boots with 600 Grams of Thinsulate. A wool facemask and some gloves, and I’m good to go.

2. Get a hand warmer – and, no, I don’t mean those chemical packets. Buy one of those fanny pack-looking things you can stuff your gloved paws into, like what every Green Bay Quarterback starts sporting on Sundays from October forward. I bought one in Dothan, AL a few years back and it was one of the best items I’ve ever purchase. Mine doubles as a day pack which is perfect for carrying…

3. Snacks – carry a pocketful of Snickers minis in your day pack. The chocolate and peanuts will give ya an energy boost.

4. Think of someplace colder – if it’s 28 in Lakeland, FL, think of where the mercury is dipping anywhere north of you. Get a good laugh in, and be happy you’re hunting.

Best of Luck

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