"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." - Aldo Leopold

Campfire Chat

If this was a magazine, this section would be the back page column with a title like "Breaking Camp" or "The Gut Pile." It's the creative writing area.

These have been my favorite pieces to write, inspired a great deal by the late, great Gary Sitton who wrote such columns for Petersen's Hunting when I was younger. Invariably, these are also the least read posts of my catalog, which is always a tad disappointing. Not all of it is Pulitzer quality, but I sure enjoy writing and reading back through them from time to time.

Toddlers vs. Bucks & Ducks
The Case of a County-Run Hunting Program
Fun with Poachers, Trespassers, or Whatever
Touristing Through the Mummies Exhibit
The Hunting Funk
Good Hunt
To Small Wild Animals or Whatever
The Aging Hunter
An Open Letter: I Hate You, Bowhunting
Bush Pigs & Brush Deer
Reconciling The Wild Life
Babies vs. Bucks & Ducks
Hunting for Hunting Answers I - Introduction
Fun Hurricane Facts
Mt. Rushmore of America's Most Popular Big Game Animals
The Magazine Hunts
Birds of Spring
Mr. Hunting Expert Bites Back
Lakeland Highlands Scrub Preserve
Introducing Mr. Hunting Expert
Turkey Snatching
The Fear of Flying and More Montana Pics
Deer Season Compromises & Plans
Creepy Crawlies
The Federal Duck Stamp
Tale of the Green Flagging Tape
The Last of the Elephant Hunters
The Nuge
Honeymooning Beach Bums
The Trouble with Black Guns
Insults to Injuries
The Means to Attain a Happy Life
Touristing Through the Florida Aquarium
Highway Hypnosis
Love for the Greasy Spoon
Stalking Sleep
Into the Wild
To the Hunt
YouTube Video of the Week - Tackleberry
Touristing Through Lake Kissimmee State Park
Touring the 2010 Lakeland Gun Show
Go Go Gadget Hunter