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Monday, January 3, 2011

December Trail Camera Photos

My feeder continues to attract, well, useless animals. At least for bowhunting. No hogs for a third straight month. No deer ever.


Not counting on the deer anyhow, though the hog hunting has been deflating. Lease expires in February, and I'm gone.

For this month's gallery, I present to you these misfits.

I looked at this photo for some time, thinking it was a scrawny hog...what do you think? (Click on photos for larger image.)

Upon careful study, this appears to be a mutt. Kinda pitbullish. Another lease member spotted a pair two weeks ago. Mongrel.

These two are certainly strange bedfellows.

I may have the World's Largest Collection of armadillo photos.

I called one of these in on my last hunting trip there with a digital predator call. But they are sneaky.

These animals are rather sneaky, too!

Finally, I obtained photos of a legit game animal - my favorite nonetheless.

Fall turkey in this zone ends January 31st. I desperately want to crack one this time of year, though these won't be legal game. Bearded birds only! I know a few are there.

I will certainly let you know if I am successful.

See you then!


Albert Quackenbush said...

I have to admit that I love seeing trail cam photos, even when they aren't what we are looking for. You've got some interesting ones, Ian. Keep at it and I am sure that your cams will pick up something great in the future. Happy New Year!

Albert A Rasch said...


Among the dozens of projects I have in mind, one is a trail cam. I also like looking at folks pics, any animal is interesting in its environment.

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
Albert Rasch In Afghanistan™