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Monday, January 10, 2011

To America's Most Infested Places or Whatever

If you follow my blog with any regularity - and your brain is not fried from all the psychiatric meds you’d have to be on to do so - you may have figured out my affinity for “Lists of the Mosts.”

Most Invasive Species. Most Toughest Animals. Schlock such as this.

Why? Probably for the same reason I partake in movies like Piranha 3D and songs by Ke$ha – they are simple, stupid and largely enjoyable.

These lists are similar in design. Must be great to be in the editor’s office when they review these assignments - ostensibly, they review these assignments.

OK, Hamooda, let’s see your list of infested places and what plagues these poor locations:

Rats, killer bees, allergins, sharks, bedbugs, nutria and bugs?

Love it! What a completely arbitrary and non-sensible summary of Mother Nature’s ills afflicting our nation’s municipalities. Halt all else until this baby is up. It’s golden!

I kid because I love, and thank you, US News.

The pictures are the best, especially with sharks. New Symrna Beach does have a bevy of shark attacks each summer, but not from Great Whites, as the picture would suggest. It’s typically sand sharks and small blacktips that take a bite on waders mistaking the flashing of ankles and shins for fish in the murky surf. I’m sure it’s a painful experience but mentioning Jaws in the same breath is a little overzealous.

Details, shmetails.

Anyway, here’s the article and hope you enjoy. Feel free to post comment. I’ll respond, provided I am not devoured and doomed by our infestation of bugs.

America’s Most Infested Places

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