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Thursday, April 8, 2010

To the Oriental Yeti or Whatever

This is one of those terribly disappointing headlines found so often on the Web designed to get you to click on it - which is why I incorporated it in the title of this post! I was hoping to read a story of some snarling, ape-man caught in a leg trap fighting back a pack of baying hounds. Or at least a hairy, drunkenly-passed out peasant man. I guess the search continues.

I'm not entirely sure who would willingly handle this flea-bitten animal. In the last few years - especially as coyotes' ranges expand - hunters in the U.S. are finding similar creatures. Hairless, yo-momma-know-yo-ugly grotesque critters. They get cool names like "chupacabra." I think the Chinese could have come up with something as marketable. A yeti, this thing is not.

Anyway, it is kind of interesting

Mysterious 'Oriental Yeti' Trapped in China

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