"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." - Aldo Leopold

Thursday, April 1, 2010

FL Wild Hog Quota Application

For you fellow fun-seekers out there, just wanted to post a reminder that today is the first day you can apply for quota hunts to chase the ol' wild piggie on public land. The application period runs until April 12th. The applications and hunts are free. Those of you who enjoy running dogs, there are some options for you as well.

Check here for more information. Oink oink!


Anonymous said...

why is there a quota on a fecund, exotic, invasiave species. We'll never get rid of hogs, but we can have fun trying.

Anonymous said...

I second the previous comment. Why in the world do we need quotas for a feral, non-indigenous species that we really need to get rid of? These things can double their population in just 4 months. Asinine is the word!

Ian Nance said...

You make good points....putting on my FWC hat for a second, I think they are trying to manage quality hunting experiences. Eliminating hogs is a fool's errand. If you can limit their numbers and provide quality hunting experience, they've done the bets they can. And the places the FWC can't manage - private lands, parks, and the wood lot behind the subdivision - are typically the places that are truly overrun.