"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." - Aldo Leopold

Wild Hog

Stinky, destructive, and tough as nails, love 'em or hate 'em, wild hogs are here to stay. They have surpassed deer as the most popular big game animal in a few regions of the country. In many cases, year-long seasons and an abundance of animals makes wild hogs a wonderful hunting opportunity. Make a clean shot on that big boar or find the nearest tree!

The Thanksgiving Boar
High Water Hogs
Hogs on the Run
Field and Kitchen Care for Wild Hog
Summer Hog Hunting
Stalking Orange Groves for Wild Hogs
The Lost Hog Lease
Trapping Wild Hogs
A Pair of Spring Swine
The Downside to Wild Hog Management
A Hog Rut?
Florida's Trophy Boars II
Florida's Trophy Boars I
Weekend of Clays and Wild Hogs
YouTube Video of the Week - Charging Boar
Winter Tips for Wild Hogs
The Annual Christmas Hunt
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
Soaked in Levy County