"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." - Aldo Leopold

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reconstructing The Wild Life

For me, blogging is a lot like singing karaoke, without people heckling me to my face. And much more sober. I enjoy writing. Some folks enjoy reading. It can be rather cheesy and amateurish, but, for better or worse, it’s in good fun and entertaining for all involved. Still, I continue to harbor a small measure of hope that from out there in Cyberspace, a publisher or editor will step forth with a lucrative contract and a 10-day Tanzanian Cape Buffalo assignment.

Doesn’t hurt to dream.

I did realize recently that my blog has become somewhat stale and awfully linear. If said executive was seeking a piece on deer hunting, he or she would have to scroll down through the garbage of 180+ posts on everything from ducks to cows licking turkey decoys. Busy people like this want to be presented with information quickly, not have to hunt for it. Likewise, I receive a load of traffic from various search engines. These visitors tend not to stay on the site long - nothing to really keep them in tune.

It came time to cut the Kudzu back and provide sunlight and air to the better elements of this site. I needed to categorize and spread things out for easier access. So, I’ve added these links at the top of the page. It was, literally, the least I could do. It did, however, take time to sort through the last year or so and copy and paste all the links to past posts – if you don’t spend at least an hour browsing through my handiwork, my feelings will be gravely injured.

Anyhow, take a gander about. The headlines are pretty self-explanatory – if they aren’t, I explain them once you click on them. I’ve written about a wide variety of subjects and not all fit perfectly. And more than a few posts will just be left in the archives, uncategorized and unloved.

If you have any advice or criticism, I’m welcome to hear it – unless there is too much criticism, in which case I will quickly and ruthlessly quell your rebellion.

Also, unless the mood really strikes me, I am taking a couple-week hiatus. The February Funk has me in its fangs. I spent several hours trying to get a post on Turkey Hunting Tips to fly and ended up junking it, frustrated and annoyed. This post is my last spurt of creativity for a while. I may try and tweak the feel of this website per your suggestions.

But don’t go far; I’ll be back to sing a few more songs a little later.


Unknown said...

The links are a good idea. I probably need to update my blog as well but my limited computer knowledge keep me from doing so! :)

Ian Nance said...

I hear ya. I'm all thumbs with a computer

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your hiatus Ian and looking forward to seein' ya back when your done with the funky monkey!

Nicely done links too BTW.

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I really, really like what you did with your tabs/links...especially your blurbs before listing the links.

Enjoy your hiatus! Hope to see/read you sooner than later.

Ian Nance said...

Thank you all. I appreciate it!