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Thursday, July 8, 2010

2010 Southern Trophy Hunters Big Buck Expo

Lakeland. Not sure how we got picked to host this event, but God bless us, we did! This weekend is the return of the Big Buck Expo at the Lakeland Center. Here is all the information about this year's show, lifted straight from their website...I'm nothing but a filthy plagiarizer.

Muzzy Hunting Camp Backwoods Adventures

For the very first time, the hosts of the Pursuit Channel's Backwoods Life television show and the Backwoods Life Radio Show, Michael Lee, Kevin Knighton, and Trey Wetherington will be joining the Muzzy Hunting Camp at this year's Big Buck Expo's. In their seventh year in outdoor television these good 'ol Southern boys are sure to bring a backwoods spin to the already popular and entertaining Muzzy Hunting Camp sessions. Michael, Kevin, and Trey have hunted all over the united states and beyond for anything from whitetail to alligators to antelope with their southern roots and backwoods ways of getting the job done. As award winning tv hosts and radio personalities, these guys are sure to liven things up at this year's expos!" Check the guys out at www.BackwoodsLife.com

Flint Knapping & Primitive Archery with Billy Berger

Whether we hunt with a .270 Remington or the lastest Mathews Bow, as hunters most all of us are fascinated by our hunting ancestors who truly did things "the hard way". Billy Berger has spent the last 20 years perfecting his primitive weapon skills. Billy not only Builds bows, Arrows and Knaps Arrowheads, he hunts with them! If your asking, the answer is yes! He does put meat in the freezer each year. Make sure you stop by the Midwest Land Company booth and see Billy at his trade; it's amazing! Check the em out at here!

Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Courses

Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Group offers educational courses in firearms training taught by NRA Certified Instructors. Our courses will meet and exceed the Training requirements necessary to receive your Florida Concealed Carry License which is also valid in over 30 states. Our company and our course has been featured on ABC, CBS, & FOX NEWS! Our staff of 26 instructors includes prior Military and current Law Enforcement. The cost is $90 class includes your CWP packet with application, passport photo, notary service, Range fee, firearm rental, ammo, and target. After completion of the class you get your Certificate to apply to the state for your Concealed Weapons License. You can pre-register for any of our upcoming classes by visiting www.equip2conceal.com or toll free 866-371-6111.

Don't Miss Hunt Church with Randall Myers

Sunday Morning, Muzzy Hunting Camp room ~ Don’t miss Randal Myers at our pre-show Sunday morning service. Randy is an avid outdoorsman and a true follower of Christ. Randal is a good ‘ol Southern boy. Born and raised in the Deep South and serving in ministry most of his adult life. Currently he and his family are living in Lakeland and he is the preaching minister of Highlands Church of Christ in Lakeland. I have personally had the pleasure of hearing Randal speak; you will not regret spending time with him. The show opens at 10 a.m., however the Sunday Morning Service is open to both exhibitors and the public at 9 a.m. Hope to see you there!

Gun Store: New This Year!

We'll have a special gun Section this year hosted by Shoot Straight. All the top brand names in rifles, pistols and optics will be available for sale at show only prices.

Deer Scoring

Bring your buck and have find out just how big he really is, OFFICIALLY. Official scorers will be on hand all weekend.

Friday July 9, 2010 - 3pm-8:30pm

3:00 pm Show Opens
5:00 pm DNR-Public Land Hunting/Law Changes Q&A
6:00 pm Primitive Archery - Billy Berger
7:00 pm Muzzy Hunting Camp
8:30 pm Show Closes

Saturday July 10, 2010 - 9am-6pm

9:00 am Show Opens
10:00 am DNR-Public Land Hunting/Law Changes Q&A
11:00 pm Muzzy Hunting Camp
12:30 pm Equip to Conceal - Weapons Training
1:30 pm Primitive Archery - Billy Berger
3:00 pm Muzzy Hunting Camp
6:00 pm Show Closes

Sunday July 11, 2010 - 10am-5:00pm

9:00 am Church Service
10:00 am Show Opens
11:00 am Muzzy Hunting Camp
12:30 pm Equip to Conceal - Weapons Training
1:00 pm Primitive Archery - Billy Berger
2:30 pm Muzzy Hunting Camp
5:00 pm Show Closes

Basic ticket prices are $10....and whatever the Lakeland Center charges for parking. I enjoy this event every year as a chance to look through new hunting gear, get a feel for hunting trends, and catch a seminar or two. This Friday I will be handing out swag with fellow Mossy Oak ProStaffers. Hope to see you then.


Peter Derick said...

Congrats you have done amazing work.This would be a great experience for the hunters. I would like to be there next time.
Can you tell me that in which month this will be held next time.
Trophy deer hunting in South Carolina

Ian Nance said...

It is typically held every year at the Lakeland Center in early July