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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

South Florida Duck Hunting in Pictures

Some of us hunted Lake Okeechobee. Some of us hunted STA 3/4. All of us piled up the ducks. South Florida is really a fantastic destination for waterfowlers.

Instead of writing a long-winded post about this whole trip - most of which words can't totally cover anyhow - I figured we'd do a little picture diary.

So, let's get down with the Git Down.

Riding one of the main airboat paths Friday evening after a fruitful scouting mission on Lake Okeechobee. Pretty, huh?

Cole, PJ, and Drew riding dirty on the edge of the Big O.

Rumph's opening morning wallhanger bluewing teal drake courtesy of STA 3/4.

Handsome ducks, those BWT.

I was there, too! Fine morning on STA 3/4 though I, once more, could not hit a duck if it were sitting on a fence post. Ringers, BWT, mottled ducks, shovelers...all pictured here.

The other part of our rugged group had a productive morning on the Big Lake. They shot mottled ducks, teal, a fulvous, ringers, and...

A wigeon!!!

Our mode of transportation for Okeechobee. I must have one.

Gorgeous weekend. Great hunting. Friends. Always hate to leave, but I shall return.


Anonymous said...

Real nice....Poor ducks!

The Writing Huntress said...

Beautiful! I only just started waterfowl hunting but I already love it because of scenes like these!

Happy Hunting!


Greg said...

Beautiful pictures. I can sympathize with you on not being able to hit a thing, if you were shooting at teals. So fast. Can't tell you how many times I've unloaded three rounds of Bismuth, just to watch fly off. When I miss that much, teals are expensive to hunt.

Ian Nance said...

Thanks for reading, all.

Albert A Rasch said...

I'm going to have to get with you sometime and give this waterfowling business a try!

Great shots by the way!

Happy Holidays!
Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
In Afghanistan™

Michael Spinelli said...

Lovely bag fellows! Found you through Albert's Chronicles blog, and it seems you Florida chaps have more than just sunshine!

Mike S
The Coming Mini Ice Age

Kirk Mantay said...

Great pix! I visited family in SWFL in November and was impressed with the duck numbers. They are swamp buggy folk, though! No airboats!